Pearsall Child Care Centre

Program Observation and Evaluation

All children who attend Pearsall Child Care Centre are observed by Qualified and Cert III caregivers on a regular one week basis, to enable the qualified staff member of the room to program for the children’s individual needs.
When the program has been implemented, caregivers are to evaluate experiences that were offered to determine whether they were developmentally appropriate and stimulating for the whole group.

PROCEDURE (How policy will be implemented)


  • Every child is placed into an observational group. These groups are on a rotational basis.
  • Every child will be observed using several different observational techniques.
  • The methods used for observations and record keeping are as follows;

A) Developmental Checklist - These are checklists that the centre has adapted to each age group in the centre. They state lists of particular skills that are age/ stage appropriate. All children are unique and all children develop at different rates in different areas of development. The checklists are only used as a guide in helping to plan and program for each individual child.

B) Anecdotal Records - These are brief observations that have been made. Anecdotal records are written records of incidents or events involving a child. The record focuses on how a child has behaved, played or interacted with others or materials.

C) Unstructured Observations - These are observations that are recorded from different sources. These sources could be for example the parent, family, coordinator, social worker, teacher, internet etc.

  • The caregiver records the information from the observations and puts them into each individual child’s file.
  • Individual programs are written up from the recorded observations
  • The individual programs are incorporated into the groups program to meet all of the children’s skills and needs.
  • Weekly group programs are displayed on the Parent information boards in each room, where parents and caregivers can see them.
  • Evaluations of the programs ensure that the programs are meeting and challenging all of the children’s needs.  


On a weekly basis group leaders will;

  • Complete the evaluation section of the Weekly Program format, prior to planning for the next weeks activities.
  • Complete the evaluation and ideas for future planning, prior to planning the next week’s activities.
  • Discussions with parents regarding their child’s strengths, needs and interests will give parents the opportunity to informally contribute programming ideas and suggestions for improvement. This is done on a daily basis or parents can arrange a non contact time with the qualified.


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